Sandy is a 15 year old buckskin Tennessee Walking Horse. She is very curious and always wants to know what’s going on. If you are lucky enough to be grooming her, you’ll notice she’s always looking around. Sandy LOVES trail rides, she’s very friendly and she’s never met a person or horse she didn’t like.


Mystic is a 19 year old Spotted Saddle Horse. She’s the “herd mom” and she’s always looking out for everyone-two legged and four legged. She will be the first one to the fence to greet you and once she’s met you, she’ll want to take care of you! Mystic is an extrovert and she’s always talking. If you hang out long enough with her, you’ll learn to understand her conversational snorts.


Dory is a 7 year old Paint Horse. Dory is a people pleaser. When the humans are happy, Dory is happy. Dory loves treats and she loves her afternoon naps in the sun. Dory loves to trot and will happily carry you around the arena at a quiet, comfortable jog all day long!


Ranger is a 15 year old bay American Quarter Horse. Ranger loves his food and insists upon being the first to eat at every meal. He also loves to snuggle things, such as gates, fences and maybe even your arm! Ranger is quiet, calm and steady. He takes every day in stride and goes with the flow


Nate is a 24 year old chestnut thoroughbred owned by the Equestrian Director. Nate is the kind of guy who likes routine and he loves his friends. He also loves peppermints, carrots, alfalfa hay and cookies. Nate used to be an eventer and when he’s feeling good and his owner has time, he still enjoys going over a jump or two. Nate enjoys being groomed and teaching ground lessons to Lutheranch program participants.


Tootsie is a 21 year old bay thoroughbred owned by the Equestrian Director. When she was young, Tootsie raced at Canterbury Park in Minnesota. She had to retire early because of her knees. Tootsie is an athlete and can often be found doing “horse yoga”, stretching or running the hills in the pasture to keep herself in shape. Tootsie enjoys going on trail rides with the other horses and teaching Equine Assisted Learning sessions with her owner.


Magic is a 33 year old chestnut thoroughbred owned by Josh Cash, who manages the Lutheranch pastures and hay fields. Magic has taught many children how to ride and when he is chosen for a lesson or a trail ride, his eyes light up. He LOVES to give pony rides and he LOVES people. Magic is a kind, gentle old soul. (You may not see Magic at Lutheranch all the time because sometimes he goes back home to his own children at the Cash Family Farm).

Martin and Katie

Yes, Martin and Katie are not horses, but they are still an integral part of the equestrian program at Lutheranch. The brother and sister pair live at the barn and love to run up and greet guests when they arrive, looking for some petting and attention. When they are not busy chasing butterflies and grasshoppers, they can be found supervising riding lessons in the arena.